Liquid Resource Management

Green Municipal Funds Assist Prince Rupert with Development of Liquid Waste Management Plan

A Green Municipal Fund (GMF) grant will be used by the City of Prince Rupert to initiate the first stage of developing a Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) to manage the City's wastewater. “This will give the City a firm footing on which to build a liquid waste management strategy that will guide us for many years to come. It is exciting to finally move this forward,” stated Mayor Jack Mussallem.

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From Waste to Resource: Shifting Directions in Wastewater Management in the Capital Regional District

“While not all of the ideas and opportunities for integrated resource management can or will be implemented in the short term, the key is that the CRD is planning for several decades in the future. The intent is to establish the fundamental concept and facility siting decisions, so that, over time, wastewater management truly becomes part of the water and energy resources in the community,” wrote Rick Corbett.

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Metro Vancouver appoints Reference Panel to help shape Liquid Waste Management Plan

The Metro Vancoouver LWMP Reference Panel is a community advisory group that brings expert knowledge and relevant experience in liquid waste/resource and rainwater management. The Reference Panel has a blend of technical, legal, scientific, academic, business, industry and community perspectives and values. “The Reference Panel will provide input on the discussion documents and on the subsequent Draft Plans,” stated Board Chair Lois Jackson.

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