Across Canada Initiatives

Water Experts Propose Blueprint for Federal Action on Freshwater

“Changing the Flow: A Blueprint for Federal Action on Freshwater” builds on mounting calls for renewed federal action on water from a diverse range of groups and sectors. The report establishes what the Gordon Water Group believes is a compelling case for urgent actions to be undertaken by the Canadian federal government, and according to its authors, provides clear and concise direction through 25 recommended actions organized around seven priority areas:

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New Book Provides Prescription for Cure of Canada’s Water Problems

A new book published by UBC Press, edited by Dr. Karen Bakker, provides a diagnosis of Canada’s water problems and a prescription for their cure. The book brings together 28 of Canada’s top water experts to debate Canada’s most critical water issues, and to map out solutions. The diverse range of contributors – geographers, environmental lawyers, former government officials, aquatic scientists, economists, and political scientists – reflects the broad range of issues involved in water management debates.

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Alberta Studies Water Value

Alberta is in the midst of a landmark water study that will help the government decide if it's time to start charging for the resource. The study is looking at the value of water to the economy. The figures will guide officials examining what “economic instruments” would encourage businesses, municipalities and residents to use less water.

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Thinking Beyond Pipes and Pumps: Top 10 Ways Communities Can Save Water and Money

Thinking Beyond seeks to inspire and facilitate action. It is a practical resource designed for community leaders, water managers and policy makers seeking to make the case for a comprehensive and long-term appraoch to water demand management. By illustrating the potential of this approach, it urges communites to take water security to the next step–to think beyond the pipes and pumps and embrace new ways of managing water that offer opportunities for big savings, of both water and money.

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Water reuse and recycling in Canada: A status and needs assessment

In this paper, the Canadian experience with water reuse and recycling is reviewed under five theme areas: technology; policy and regulation; research; public acceptance; and coordination. At present, water reuse and recycling in Canada is practiced on a relatively small scale and varies regionally depending on the availability of water supplies and regulatory flexibility.

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