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BLUE CITY: “We set out to write a report that will help practitioners and decision makers build a business case for more sustainable, integrated water management,” stated Louise Brennan, report co-author (January 2014)

“This fourth report from the Blue Economy Initiative and its partners looks to the future. The previous three reports have dealt with critical analysis, insights and recommendations on the value of water as a financial asset and a catalyst for innovation in Canada. In this piece, 17 water-related professionals in Canada were asked what their vision of a Water Sustainable City of the near future would look like. This report showcases the inspiring and practical foresight of the interviewees,” stated Louise Brennan.

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Collaboration to Action — Leadership and Investment in Canada’s Blue Economy

At the 8th annual Canadian Water Summit in Toronto in June 2017, delegates will explore opportunities to collaborate on water technology and infrastructure finance, “blue economy” growth and climate change resilience. “Conserving our freshwaters can only happen with the support of businesses and corporations. It is their leadership that can shift market forces from loss and overuse, to conservation and sustainability,” stated Dan Krause.

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“Fin Donnelly, Ted van der Gulik and Jordan Point – this may be one of the heaviest-hitting panels I’ve ever participated on,” states Anna Warwick Sears, Executive Director, Okanagan Basin Water Board

“We are the only panel that will be talking about watersheds. We will be as frank and forthcoming as possible about the challenges and opportunities. Each member of the panel will speak to Water/Land Use interactions in BC, and along the Fraser River in particular. Each will elaborate on the biggest concerns for the future, anticipated positive changes, what civil society can do to ensure a better future, and where we are going from here,” stated Anna Warwick Sears.

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“Canadian Water Summit 2015” will be held in Vancouver (June 25, 2015)

“The world is more complex and fragile than ever before. These trends are bigger than any one organization can solve,” says Todd Latham. “The Energy of Water theme for the 2015 Canadian Water Summit is more than the water/energy nexus conversation – it’s about water professionals celebrating the positives and opportunity that water can bring to Canada.”

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2012 RBC Canadian Water Attitudes Study: Majority of Canadians Believe Their Local Water Infrastructure Is Good Enough for Now

“This survey is a tale of romance between Canadians and their treasured water. But there’s a significant gap between romance and reality. We found a troubling lack of awareness not only about water conservation but also the very pressing need for investment in infrastructure. Mobilizing the political will to deal with these issues will be a challenge,” stated Chris Coulter.

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NEW BOOK: Water in Canada, a Resource in Crisis

Water in Canada, a Resource in Crisis – by Hanneke Brooymans
The quantity and quality of Canada's freshwater resources are diminishing at an alarming rate. Environmental journalist Hanneke Brooymans examines the effects of human activities on Canada's water, and presents a thought-provoking analysis of water issues.

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