Canadian Context

Climate Change and Adaptation: The Engineering Reality

“And in the face of international scientific consensus on the reality and risks of climate change and global warming, Canada’s engineers have decided it’s time deal with the impacts, which are already being felt in many regions of the country,” wrote Richard L. Rogers

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Climate science and politics in an age of change

“More and more thoughtful people are concerned that climate change, in combination with a number of contributing environmental circumstances, is poised to create a perfect storm of economic, social and political consequeces,” stated Bob Sandford.

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“The Case for Selling Our Water” – second of two excerpts from new book by Chris Wood

Atlanta’s drought, California’s fires, Mexico’s flood, Canada’s weird winters year after year… this book connects the dots in a lively way between the headlines, the climate science and the forecast for tomorrow and the day after. Dry Spring spells out the weather forecast for North America and the urgent reasons to begin preparing for the storm just over the horizon.

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