LOOMING IMPACT OF HISTORIC EUROPE HEAT WAVE: “As a ‘blocking ridge’ sets up over Greenland, it could promote a widespread and significant melt event like the one in 2012. During that summer, nearly all of the ice sheet experienced melting,” stated Ruth Mottram, a researcher with the Danish Meteorological Institute

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A historic heat wave inflicted life-threatening temperatures on Europe and shattered all-time highs in multiple countries on July 25, 2019.

Paris registered a jaw-dropping 108.7 degrees, according to Météo-France, the national weather service, breaking the record of 104.7 degrees set in 1947.

Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands all saw new national records Thursday, beating highs set just the day before — with the Netherlands exceeding 104 degrees for the first time on record.

Britain came just shy of its record. The Met Office in Cambridge, England, measured 100.6 degrees Thursday. And London experienced its hottest July day on record, with a temperature of 100.2.

European land surface temperatures Thursday as sensed via satellite. (European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-3 imagery, processed by Antonio Vecoli)

Europe’s heat wave is about to bake the Arctic

“More temperature records are falling in Europe as the historic heat wave that brought the hottest weather ever recorded in Paris, London, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany shifts northward. In a few days, the weather system responsible for the heat wave will stretch all the way across the top of the globe,” wrote Andrew Freedman in an article published by the Washington Post on July 26, 2019.

“It’s what this system, characterized by a strong area of high pressure aloft — often referred to as a heat dome — will do to the Arctic that has some scientists increasingly concerned.

“Arctic-wide, an unusual spate of wildfires is burning, affecting vast stretches of Siberia, as well. Smoke from these fires is circling the globe, tracked via satellite imagery.”

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