NEW NORMAL IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: “The impact of climate change is yet another thing to add to the list of worries for any finance minister,” wrote Keith Baldrey, Global BC political commentator

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Keith Baldrey is Global BC’s legislative bureau chief based in Victoria, and one of B.C.’s best known political commentators. He writes a column for the North Shore News every Friday on provincial issues.

The Kahta Creek fire became 875 hectares on May 22, 2018 – B.C. Wildfire Service

BALDREY: Wildfire funding adds to finance minister’s woes

If B.C. does suffer through another major wildfire season, Carol James (and her successors in the finance portfolio) may have to revisit the practice of basing budgets on a 10-year average. Either that, or finance ministers will have to continue the practice of budgeting for huge contingency funds that likely have to get bigger each year,” wrote Keith Bradley in his weekly column for the North Shore News, a community newspaper in the Metro Vancouver region.

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Flooding alongside Highway 97 in the Oliver area