“Water Act less than it seems,” wrote Tanis Gower in an op-ed published in the Vancouver Sun


Will we be sucked dry?

Tanis-Gower_Watershed Watch_120p“Existing groundwater users should not get a ‘free pass’. British Columbians deserve the full confidence that the government will do proper reviews of the water needs of fish and nature before industrial and commercial groundwater uses get locked into the system for the long term,” wrote Tanis Gower in an opinion piece published by the Vancouver Sun on June 1, 2016.

About Tanis Gower

Tanis Gower has been working to restore aquatic ecosystems and advocate for good water policies for the last 20 years. She is a Registered Professional Biologist from the Comox Valley who works on projects for NGOs, local government, and others.

Tanis has worked with Watershed Watch on a number of projects, including a review of British Columbia’s groundwater policies and management relative to the health of wild salmon, a report explaining the nature and operation of independent power producer projects, and the development of an educational brochure on Fraser River sockeye salmon.

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