Climate Change and Adaptation: The Engineering Reality

“And in the face of international scientific consensus on the reality and risks of climate change and global warming, Canada’s engineers have decided it’s time deal with the impacts, which are already being felt in many regions of the country,” wrote Richard L. Rogers

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How can smart planning help cities adapt to climate change?

“The Value of Green Infrastructure for Urban Climate Adaptation is intended as a resource for planners and decision makers at all levels of government. The innovative examples we review indicate that green infrastructure investments can provide a cost-effective way to enhance community resilience and prosperity,” said Steve Winkelman.

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BC Wildlife Federation undertakes ‘Wetlands Education Program’ to inform regional and municipal practitioners in British Columbia

“The BC Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program (WEP) helps build the capacity of British Columbian citizens to determine their backyard wetland assets, and increase their community’s environmental health using this knowledge. WEP has brought together a team of well-known experts to share their knowledge and experience. ,” reports Diane Kiss.

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