Op-Ed: Water Legislation Just the First Step for British Columbia- say Oliver Brandes, Deborah Curran and Rosie Simms of the University of Victoria

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In December 2015, the Vancouver Sun newspaper published an opinion piece on the “Issues & Ideas” page about British Columbia’s new Water Sustainability Act. The op-ed articulated ongoing concerns related to implementation of supporting regulations. The article was co-authored by three researchers at the University of Victoria.

Oliver M. Brandes is the co-director of the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance. Deborah Curran is the Hakai professor in Environmental Law and Sustainability at the University of Victoria and program director with the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre. Rosie Simms is the Water Law & Policy researcher/co-ordinator at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project.

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New Act Has a Lot to Offer, But BC Needs Additional Regulations to Follow

Early in 2016, the new Water Sustainability Act will bring B.C. into the modern era of water management and governance. At its core the new law will bring clarity to the rules of who gets water and how much water can be taken out of streams and aquifers. It will also provide a host of new tools to better protect and steward our most precious natural resource.

All of the legislation and regulations in the world will have little impact without sufficient money and staff for implementation. Adequate resources for action on the ground (and in the water) are essential to protect and sustain British Columbia’s fresh water now and into the future.

Successful implementation of a strong Water Sustainability Act will ultimately depend new partnerships

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A recent report from the University of Victoria’s POLIS Project on Ecological Governance outlines what is needed to put sustainability in the Water Sustainability Act. To download a copy, click on Awash with Opportunity.

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