Vancouver Sun publishes 10-part series on “Water: Life blood of BC” – part 8 reports that the Victoria region cultivates an esthetic of drought gardens


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Climate change threatens to make this summer’s drought look minor. In September 2015, the Vancouver Sun newspaper is publishing a 10-part series of articles about “Water: Life blood of BC”. The series theme is how BC uses water and what the future has in store for our waterways. Published on September 20, the eighth installment explains why growing numbers of citizens are buying into the region’s message that conservation must be the future paradigm.

Even in Victoria, City of Gardens, people are trimming water use

In the eighth installment, Stephen Hume writes quotes Vicky Husband, a renowned environmentalist and former Sierra Club leader:

Vicky Husband_120p“I don’t think the public fully gets how serious this is. … This is not about not watering lawns. This is far more serious. We have got to understand how precious water is. This is not a temporary change,” Vicky Husband says of the larger issue of global warming.

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