Planning For Rain in California: Why Storm Water Management Matters during the Drought


Slow the Flow: Be a California Water Warrior

Paula-Luu2_Pacific-Institute_120p“Water districts across the state have imposed mandatory and voluntary water restrictions to encourage water conservation and efficiency, but there have been fewer discussions around what and how we can prepare for the upcoming rainy season during the drought,”  wrote Paula Luu, Communications Manager for the Pacific Institute, in an article posted on the Institute’s Blog.

Californians can counteract the negative impacts of stormwater runoff by promoting water infiltration at our houses or businesses.”

Infiltrate Rainwater Where It Falls

“When much of California is facing drought and limited water supplies, capturing and reusing every drop of water will not only be clever, but crucial,” continues Paula Luu.

“The State Water Board’s Storm Water Program has released a seven part film series to bring to life simple practices that individuals and communities can do to conserve water, become stewards of our watersheds, and slow the flow of stormwater from homes and businesses when the rain returns.”

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View all the Slow the Flow films on the Storm Water Films webpage or State Water Board’s YouTube channel.