BC Water Use Reporting Centre Brings Water Management Into the 21st Century


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Web-Based Reporting System

While there is provision in existing laws (and supported in BC’s new Water Sustainability Act) for water license holders to measure, record and report their water use, the requirement is largely discretionary, and there is no legal requirement for it to be applied consistently – or to be applied at all, depending on the circumstances.  The reporting that does occur is generally paper-based, which limits how the information can be used in local and provincial resource management and planning activities..

More Than Meeting Regulations

“In the Okanagan, we must use the best available tactics and strategies to manage our water. As new technologies emerge, we can now report quicker, with less effort, and more frequently than ever before,” states Anna Warwick Sears, OBWB Executive Director.

“Water use reporting is more than simply meeting regulations. The more often we report, the more accurate our data is, and the more responsive we can be to shortages. The vision is to have a fully-integrated water system, meeting the needs of residents and agriculture while supporting wildlife and natural areas.”

Make Smarter Decisions

“The OBWB, in partnership with the Province of BC and Environment of Canada, has launched an online water management and reporting system that will help large water users make smarter decisions today for a better, stronger tomorrow,” continues Nelson Jatel, OBWB Stewardship Director.Nelson Jatel_120p

“The BC Water Use Reporting Centre is a simple web-based system designed to help utilities and large water users regularly record water use. Once entered, the data is securely held until Provincial reporting is required; then with a click of a button, reports can be printed.”

To Learn More:

To download the brochure produced by the OBWB, click on BC Water Use Reporting Centre.

To access additional information on the OBWB website, click on Improving Water Management in BC.