FLASHBACK TO 2008: “Our Climate is Changing….Now What?”

“While there may be general consensus on climate change predictions at the global scale, real discussion of climate change impacts in our own “backyard” – be it a city, a watershed, or a particular project site – is just getting started. In most cases, the emergence of “best practices” – or even “standard practices” – is still on the horizon,” stated Eric Bonham.

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FLASHBACK TO 2008: “Blue Ecology and Climate Change” – an introduction to Michael Blackstock

“Michael Blackstock proposes that we re-examine climate change  from a ‘water first’ angle because the rhythm of water’s transformations between solid, liquid, and gaseous states on our planet is undergoing a significant change, and at a significant rate. He sees as essential the acknowledgement of water’s central functional and spiritual roles in our world, and urges us to apply both respect and science-based understanding,” stated Kim Stephens.

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