POLIS Project on Ecological Governance hosts “Navigating Our Water Future: Lessons Learned from Europe and Australia”




A Public Lecture and Discussion at the University of Victoria

For many years, Australia and Europe have faced serious problems with the management and governance of their water resources—from the effects of severe drought, to the challenges of jurisdictional fragmentation, unclear responsibilities, and disconnected governance. These challenges offer a glimpse into Canada’s water future.  
“Australians and Europeans are tackling these problems with a variety of innovative approaches that can offer Canadians important direction as we contemplate our challenges ahead. On June 18, internationally renowned water experts Professor Lee Godden (University of Melbourne) and Professor Tim O’Riordon (University of East Anglia) will be delivering a public lecture at the University of Victoria,” announces Oliver M. Brandes of the University of Victoria’s POLIS Project on Ecological Governance. 
“The discussion will focus on water as the main challenge facing Canada in the 21st century, drawing on trends, issues, and successful approaches that have been taken in both Australia and Europe. Professors Godden and O’Riordan will offer lessons from their home regions. Their talks will be followed by a focused discussion with Professor Rob de Loë (Research Chair Water Policy and Governance, University of Waterloo) on how these lessons can be applied in the Canadian context.”
This event is being hosted by the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance in partnership with the British Columbia Branch of the Canadian Water Resources Association (BC-CWRA), BC Water & Waste Association, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC, University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre, and Water Canada Magazine. Oliver Brandes is the lecture moderator. To download a copy of a flyer that provides registration and venue details, click here.

About the Speakers

Professor Lee Godden researches and teaches within the Melbourne Law School. She is the Director of the Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law within the Law School. The impact of her work extends beyond Australia with comparative research on environmental law and sustainability, property law and resource trading regimes, water law resources and Indigenous land rights issues, in countries as diverse as Canada, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, and the Pacific. 
Tim O’Rioran is a Professor Emeritus. Before retiring in July 2005, he was Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. He has edited a large number of books on the institutional aspects of global environmental change policy and practice, and led two international research projects on the transition to sustainability in the European Union (1995-1999). His current research interests are focused on global-local relations and their implications for the transition to sustainability in Europe.


Posted June 2012