NEW BOOK: Water in Canada, a Resource in Crisis

Water in Canada, a Resource in Crisis – by Hanneke Brooymans
The quantity and quality of Canada's freshwater resources are diminishing at an alarming rate. Environmental journalist Hanneke Brooymans examines the effects of human activities on Canada's water, and presents a thought-provoking analysis of water issues.

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Moving Towards Water Sustainability in BC

According to Oliver Brandes, his POLIS Water Team has been active throughout the Water Act Modernization (WAM) process, providing research and feedback to the Ministry of Environment at every stage.

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Mission Possible: A 50-Year Vision for Urban Watershed Restoration

“We are CONNECTING THE DOTS between land use planning, development, watershed health AND infrastructure asset management. Those operating in the local government setting can now access tools and experience that will enable them to make a difference. The approach is keyed to three words: ALIGNMENT, COLLABORATION, INTEGRATION,” stated Kim Stephens.

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‘Design with Nature’ and Connect the Dots: Green Infrastructure, Water Sustainability and Watershed Health

“In both Canada and the United States, light bulbs are going on about the inter-connectedness of green infrastructure and water sustainability, and the implications for watershed health. In December 2010, the Clean Water America Alliance brought together green infrastructure leaders from around the United States at a conference on urban water sustainability leadership,” states Kim Stephens.

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