Water Footprint Assessment: towards sustainable and efficient water use



Better Management of Water Resources

Professor arjen hoekstra (120p) - water footprint network“The interest in the water footprint is rooted in the recognition that human impacts on freshwater systems can ultimately be linked to human consumption, and that issues like water shortages and pollution can be better understood and addressed by considering production and supply chains as a whole,” says Professor Arjen Y. Hoekstra, creator of the water footprint concept and scientific director of the Water Footprint Network.

“Water problems are often closely tied to the structure of the global economy. Many countries have significantly externalised their water footprint, importing water-intensive goods from elsewhere. This puts pressure on the water resources in the exporting regions, where too often mechanisms for wise water governance and conservation are lacking. Not only governments, but also consumers, businesses and civil society communities can play a role in achieving a better management of water resources.”

The mission of the Water Footprint Network is to promote the transition towards sustainable, fair and efficient use of fresh water resources worldwide.


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In February 2011l, the Water Footprint Network is conducting an ‘e-learning course’ in February 2011. Participants are required to go through the basic contents of 4 modules by online self-study (2 hours). For information, click here.

Objective: Introduce the concepts of water footprint and virtual water; discuss potential applications in water savings through trade; present why a business would want to conduct a corporate water footprint assessment, and how to do so.
Target group: Policy makers dealing with water management, agriculture and trade; corporate executives; academics; researchers; and those concerned with sustainable consumption of water resources.

To download a copy of the Water Footprint Manual, click here.

Water footprint manual - cover (500p)

Posted January 2011