Watershed Watch Salmon Society catalyzes efforts to protect and restore BC’s wild salmon



Water Act Modernization

“The Watershed Watch Salmon Society has been providing input to the Living Water Smart Water Act Modernization Process. We have prepared a detailed brief with recommendations for the allocation of water for fish, building on the in stream flow needs developed during the Water Use Planning Process, in a revised Water Act,” reports Trish Hall, Research Associate and Project Coordinator.

Trish hall (120p) - watersheds watch salmon society“We also initiated a collaboration on a Statement of Expectations of BC NGOs for Reform of the Water Act endorsed by 29 NGOs, which contains key actions for improvement. Groundwater has also been an area of focus for Watershed Watch.”


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There are a number of other presentations and reports on the Watershed Watch water publications page at: http://www.watershed-watch.org/publications/index.html?cid=1. Also, click on these links:


About Watershed Watch

Watershed Watch Salmon Society was formed in 1998 by salmon advocates who had been active as analysts, writers, editors and ecologists for more than a decade. Watershed Watch believes that real changes in attitude and behaviour are based on understanding, and that significant understanding requires a broad and deep appreciation of a wide range of habitat, harvest, and management issues.

“Watershed Watch Salmon Society's mission is to catalyze efforts to protect and restore BC's precious wild salmon. Through scientific expertise, strategic alliances, outreach programs, and innovative projects, Watershed Watch is at the forefront in sounding the alarm on threats to salmon, and in prompting action to help them,” explains Trish Hall.


Posted September 2010