Ministry of Environment organizes ‘Technical Advisors Workshops’ as part of Water Act Modernization process



Context for Water Act Modernization

Modernization of the Water Act is seen by the Province, and others, as an essential part of delivering the Living Water Smart vision.  It is about making BC’s water laws simpler to understand, communicate, administer and enforce as communities respond to current and future challenges.

To learn more about the scope and process, click on British Columbia proceeds with Water Act Modernization in 2010.


Response from Stakeholders

“The response to WAM has been overwhelming.  Over 600 people attended 12 workshops held across the province and we have received almost 1000 written Lynn kriwoken (120p) - march 2009submissions.  Our team is currently summarizing the diversity of perspectives into a Report on Engagement that will be posted online,” states Lynn Kriwoken, Director in the Ministry of Environment Water Stewardship Division, and the Province’s lead person for Living Water Smart.

“As we move into our next phase of policy development, we are seeking input from external technical experts. Individuals with First Nations and non-government organizations have been invited to participate in the process in an advisory capacity.” 


Role of Technical Advisors

“The role of the Technical Advisors at these collaborative workshops is to apply their expertise and perspective to the potential policy options for a modernized Water Act. Participation is as a technical expert, not as a representative of any particular constituency.”

Two full day workshops are planned. The first was held on June 16, 2010 in Vancouver at the Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre. The second will be held at the end of July.


Posted July 2010