Living Water Policy Project website launched


What provinces or territories have drinking water laws or follow Federal Guidelines?  How many provinces have water conservation plans?  Who regulates groundwater in Canada?


A Library of Canadian Water Policy

The Living Water Policy Project with the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation has released a new water policy tool at is an evolving library of Canadian water policy information,” states Liz Hendriks of the POLIS Water Sustainability Project Liz hendriks (120p) - polis projectat the University of Victoria. “The site allows users to review summaries of up to date water policy documents for each province, compare water policies in different provinces with a unique comparison tool, and subscribe to receive updates as water policy changes across Canada.”

According to Liz Hendriks, the Living Water Policy Project is a growing community that revolves around three primary objectives:

  • Consolidate information on provincial, territorial and federal water policy relating to water quantity and quality;
  • Improve the access to knowledge around Canadian water policy activities;
  • Improve our collective ability to participate in the public policy dialogue on water. is currently housed with the Water Sustainability Project (WSP) at the University of Victoria.


About the Living Water Policy Project

The Living Water Policy Project (The Project) consists of a group of emerging water policy experts that have come together to improve the reliability and accessibility of information on provincial, territorial, and federal water policy.

As Canadians who work within academia, government, environmental organizations, not-for-profit foundations, and advocacy organizations, we believe that the fragmented nature of Canadian water policy is a critical problem that inhibits effective management of our water.

The consolidation of resources, initiatives and actions occurring across our country is therefore an important step forward in the sustainable management of freshwater resources.


Posted May 2010