PURPLE PIPES IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: Living Water Smart includes the commitment to mandate purple pipes in new construction by 2010 for non-potable water use

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Living Water Smart, BC’s Water Plan

In June 2008, the provincial government released Living Water Smart: BC’s Water Plan. The plan  includes the commitment to “mandate purple pipes in new construction for water collection and reuse by 2010.”

Commitment to Purple Pipes

“The Ministry of Housing and Social Development’s Building and Safety Standards Branch is responding to this commitment through proposed changes to the BC Building Code,” writes the Ministry’s Christine Webb in the Spring 2010 issue of Watermark Magazine, published by the BC Water & Waste Association.

“The branch consulted with members of the water and waste community to develop these proposals, which are intended to strike a balance between the risks and benefits of expanded non-potable water use.”

“The branch also recognized that Code changes alone would not automatically increase the use of non-potable water. The branch is working with several other ministries – Environment, Healthy Living and Sport, Community and Rural Development and Citizens’ Services – on a more coordinated regulatory framework that will support increased non-potable water use.”

To Learn More:

To learn more about changes to the BC Building Code, click here to download a copy Building Code changes support non-potable water use in BC. Christine Webb is a senior policy advisor with the Building and Safety Standards Branch, Ministry of Housing and Social Development. She works on water and energy efficiency initiatives.