BCWWA Seminar: Source to Tap: The Comprehensive Drinking Water Source to Tap Assessment Guideline (CS2TA)

The Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport, in partnership with the BCWWA Drinking Water Committee will hold a 1-day workshop May 5th, 2010. This session is intended to introduce the updated Comprehensive Drinking Water Source to Tap Assessment Guideline (CS2TA), and provide information on when, how and where it may be useful in identifying risks to a drinking water system. The CS2TA was developed through a partnership between provincial agencies, consultants and water purveyors.  New online and print resources and the results from BCWWA’s 2005 review of the document have now been incorporated into the guideline. It will be released online in early 2010.

The CS2TA is a document that serves as a tool for water systems to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the risks to drinking water, how to operate more effectively, and how to ensure the best possible water quality and assured quantity. Additionally, this guideline provides a method for completing a water source or system assessment ordered by a Drinking Water Officer (DWO) when significant risks are identified for a water system through the self-screening tool or by some other means.

This workshop has been assigned 6 professional Development Hours by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors Council of Professional Experience.

Session Goal: To foster a shared understanding about the processes and applications of the Comprehensive Drinking Water Source to Tap Assessment Guideline.

Who should attend: Drinking Water Officers, water purveyors, contractors, regional district staff, consultants and health authority staff.

Read more on the BCWWA Conference website: http://bcwwa.org/annual_conference/2010/ws.php.