Province of British Columbia invites participation in Drought Response Planning Workshops: “The objective is to engage water users and other stakeholders in a dialogue on drought planning,” stated Celine Davis, Chair, Inter-Agency Drought Working Group

Note to Reader:

The Ministries of Environment and Agriculture and Lands, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are hosting four drought response workshops in March 2010. These workshops are being delivered a day ahead or after Water Act Modernization workshops.

Purpose of the Workshops

According to Celine Davis, Chair of the Inter-Agency Drought Working Group, the objectives of these workshops are to:

  • Engage water users and other stakeholders in a dialogue on drought planning
  • Seek input for the development of a provincial drought response plan (with region specific actions in times of drought)

“These half-day workshops will engage¬†participants in developing a drought plan that will be put into action this coming summer and fall,” states Celine Davis.

“Drought conditions can impact communities and individuals in many different ways. Previous droughts, including that experienced in southern BC in 2009, highlight the importance of having clear actions and strategies to manage water in times of drought for both water users and aquatic ecosystems.”

To Learn More:

The workshops are by invitation. Click on Drought Response Planning Workshops: An Overview

Drought Response Planning in BC

The BC Government is working on the development of a drought response plan. This plan will build on existing tools and outline the actions taken during and immediately following a drought to reduce its impacts. It will include communication steps required to ensure timely and appropriate action.

Input from the four regional drought planning workshops will inform the response plan.