Introducing: The British Columbia Ground Water Association


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The Fall 2008 issue of Watermark Magazine includes an article by Remi Allard about the British Columbia Groundwater Association.

“For many years, British Columbia was the only province in Canada where water well drillers were not united by some form of association. There are a number of reasons why this was so, the primary one being that there were no provincial regulations concerning ground water,” wrote Remi Allard.

“There was also a belief that an abundance of surface water existed and that few people found it necessary to dig or drill a well. Even where ground water was used, most demand was met with simple dug wells. Furthermore, many people considered well drilling a very risky venture and engaged a well driller as a last resort.”

“A group of 26 people (not all drillers – there weren’t that many in the province) attended the first meeting in June 1970 of what was to become the British Columbia Well Drilling Association.”

“The name of the association was changed in 1993 to the British Columbia Ground Water Association, as it was felt this more accurately described the changing interests of the organization.”

To download a copy of the complete article, click on Introducing: The British Columbia Ground Water Association.



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Posted January 2010