GE Summit Tackles Global Water Challenge

Water resources, even in developed nations like the United States, are being threatened by climate change, drought, population growth, waste and the growing demand for energy, which requires enormous amounts of water.

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Federal grant will ‘green’ Metro Vancouver’s Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in Richmond

Coined the “B.C. Bioenergy to Biogas Project,” innovative, locally-developed technology will allow the plant to more efficiently convert its wastewater by-product into biogas. “We see this as a big step toward meeting our goals of sustainable energy, reduced emissions and improved air quality as expressed in our Sustainability Framework,” said Metro Vancouver Chair Lois Jackson. “We’re hoping to make this a sustainability showcase for wastewater treatment plants worldwide.”

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Living Water Smart commitments frame learning outcomes for Comox Valley Learning Lunch Program – “Fifty percent of new municipal water needs will be acquired through conservation by 2020” (p 75 Living Water Smart)

Circumstances have provided the Comox Valley with the opportunity to embrace a ‘closed loop’ approach to water resource management. This is a catalyst for doing business differently going forward. “Low flow conditions in the Comox Lake system have provided a reality-check in terms of how water is managed. The drinking water allocation is fully utilized by the existing population. This is a catalyst for doing business differently going forward,” stated Marc Rutten.

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