2008 Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series organized under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan



2008 learning lunch pilot - building capacity

Beyond the Guidebook

Organized under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia, the pilot 2008 Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series comprised two sets of three seminars each which were hosted by:

  • the Cowichan Valley Regional District during the June – July 2008 period; and
  • the City of Courtenay during the September – November 2008 period.

The two 2008 Series referred to and used a number of currently available guidance documents and/or tools, in particular Beyond the Guidebook: Context for Rainwater Management and Green Infrastructure in British Columbia.

To download a summary document about program content and delivery, click on The Story of the 2008 Learning Lunch Seminar Series.

Links to Water Bucket Stories

2008 Cowichan Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series

2008 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series


Living Water Smart Context

The following policy statement in Living Water Smart provided the backdrop for this pilot program.

  • By 2012, all land and water managers will know what makes a stream healthy, and therefore be able to help land and water users factor in new approaches to securing stream health and the full range of stream benefits (page 43, Living Water Smart)

In 2008, the initial objective was to test an approach to providing continuing education where people work. The Learning Lunch Series then went beyond that objective because it created the springboard for a regional team approach in both the Comox and Cowichan valleys.

2008 learning lunch pilot -  report cover (360p)

Posted January 2010