GE Summit Tackles Global Water Challenge



CROTONVILLE, N.Y.–Friday, November 13, 2009— Water resources, even in developed nations like the United States, are being threatened by climate change, drought, population growth, waste and the growing demand for energy, which requires enormous amounts of water. The United Nations has projected that by 2025, approximately 2.8 billion people around the world will be living in water-scarce areas.

Exploring ways to better protect this precious natural resource was the goal of a GE Leadership Summit on Water Reuse Solutions, “From Used to Useful.” Leaders from industry, government and academia have gathered at GE’s learning center in Crotonville, New York, to discuss the role of water reuse, or recycling, in securing a sustainable water supply for the future.

Participants included Lorne Taylor, chairman of the Alberta Water Research Institute. He covered technology advancements. Lorne Taylor was formerly Alberta's Minister of Environment and was the champion for Alberta's Water for Life initiative.

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Posted November 2009