Province mandates development of a Regional Water Supply Strategy for the Comox Valley



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Regional Water Supply Commission

When the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) was established in February 2008, the provincial government required, through letters patent, that the CVRD (excluding Hornby and Denman Islands) develop a comprehensive regional water supply strategy.  In accordance with this mandate, the CVRD Board established three groups to guide strategy development, namely:

  • Comox Valley Water Supply Commission
  • Comox Valley Water Supply Advisory Body
  • Comox Valley Water Supply Steering Committee.

The Comox Valley Water Supply Commission is a select committee of the CVRD Board.


Commission Mandate

“These three bodies, working together, are charged with the responsibility to ensure that the concept of a regional water system is fully studied and investigated,” explains Kevin Lorette, General Manager of the CVRD Property Services Branch.

Kevin lorette - cvrd (120p)“The mandate of the commission is to develop an overall regional water supply strategy that identifies all viable water sources; and further, to provide a recommended water supply service plan and operating structure for a regional water supply system.”

“In addition to identifying how to supply bulk water, the regional water supply strategy will enable the CVRD to develop plans, policies and actions related to regional water demand management and watershed protection.”


Scope of Regional Water Supply Strategy

“The CVRD inherited ownership of three water supply systems from the former Comox-Strathcona Regional District. The largest of these is the Comox Valley Water System which serves the City of Courtenay and Town of Comox,” explains Kevin Lorette.

“The Comox Valley Regional Water Supply Strategy is examining the issue of water supply to all communities and settlement areas within the CVRD. Because the scope is the entire regional district, all options are being considered.”

“At the end of the strategy development process, it is expected that there will be a clear definition and common understanding of what is meant by the term ‘regional system’ in a Comox Valley context.”

“During the current interim period, the Comox Valley Water System is described as a ‘sub-regional’ system.”


Understanding the Context

To learn more about the context for watershed protection, population-support capacity, infrastructure upgrading and implementation issues in the Comox Valley, click on A Regional Perspective on Water Supply in the Comox Valley.

The aforementioned article on regional water supply was the fourth in a series that previewed the curriculum for the 2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series.

Kevin lorette“The Regional Growth Strategy and Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy provide the backdrop for the 2009 Comox Valley Series. The spotlight is on how to implement the regional team approach – that is, a unified approach from all levels of government,” states Kevin Lorette

The 2009 Series is a collaboration of four local governments in the Comox Valley, the Comox Valley Land Trust, Convening for Action on Vancouver Island – CAVI, the Water Sustainability Action Plan, the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, the Green Infrastructure Partnership and two provincial Ministries.

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Posted November 2009