Dive into the Dynamic World of Water: Sustainable Water Management Reaching top of Global Business Agenda



Stockholm, 19 August 2009 – “Water quality and its sustainable use is an urgent global problem. There is a pressing need for clear principles and tools for achieving and demonstrating progress towards sustainable water management,” said Anne-LĂ©onore Boffi at the launch of a new report titled Water for Business: Initiatives Guiding Sustainable Water Management in the Private Sector.

The report identifies 16 initiatives or tools, driven by business leaders, civil society and governments, which have emerged since 2006; and includes a glossary of water terms separated into broadly used and understood terms, terms linked to specific initiatives, and finally terms that are currently not well defined or are controversial. 

“In dealing with water it is important that stakeholders communicate clearly and effectively, using a common language to affect real changes in water management and to support credible reporting.”

The information in this report is organized around three main sections:

  • A matrix characterizing the initiatives and tools in terms of the main issue of Water for business - cover concern, geographic focus, leading agent and multi-stakeholder approach.
  • Fact sheets summarizing the individual initiatives and enabling comparison.
  • A companion glossary of key terms and definitions in the area of water management, together with key references used.

Collaborative Actions

It is estimated that by 2020 around two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed countries. Global water use for human purposes can be split into three major categories: around 70 percent is used for agriculture, 20 percent for industry and the remaining 10 percent for domestic activities. Demand for water will increase in all three of these areas as populations grow and as countries become more industrialized.


Posted September 2009