2009 World Water Forum: Bridging Divides for Water



Geneva, 26 March 2009 – The huge amount of attention given to water issues at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul highlights the importance of finding water solutions to the critical challenges ahead,. . . showed that there is now an World water forum - logoimmediate need for broad-based collaborative action. . . .   a huge amount of attention was dedicated to the linkages between water, energy and climate change, as well as their connections with food.

. . .  “Governments, industry and society need to work together to start to address these systems – water, energy and agriculture – in a more strategic and integrated way.”  . . .we need to get more energy out of each drop of water, and more water out of each unit of energy. . .  the water footprint and carbon footprint need to be linked to assess what is the best decision in each local context.  . .  integrate water, energy and climate change policy, as well as food, in a holistic way that both acknowledges and weighs the synergies and trade-offs existing between these interconnected issues.  “It is time to link water, energy, food and climate change in global climate negotiations.

. . . A key take-away was that wetlands and peatlands should be better promoted as critical ecosystems services that provide mitigation as well as adaptation benefits. They sequester CO2 emissions and act as a sponge to retain and store water



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