Creating Value from Wastewater: Robert Kennedy Jr lends his credibility to UBC nutrient recovery technology


From Sewage to Fertilizer

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is lending his environmental expertise to promote implementation of North American applications of nutrient removal technology developed by Dr. Don Mavinic and his team of researchers at the University of British Columbia.

Robert Kennedy has a strong reputation within the U.S. environmental community and believes clean water is an important legacy to give to future generations.

UBC Connection

LWMP reference panel - don mavinic  and his magic crystals (200p)“To demonstrate the potential for sustainable wastewater treatment solutions, we at UBC have developed the technology to capture phosphorus and ammonia from high concentration streams and recycle them into environmentally safe fertilizer,” explains Dr. Mavinic.

“The UBC research effort has been all about producing a sustainable and marketable fertilizer; and we have succeeded! We have demonstrated that we can produce a slow-release and non-burning fertilizer from sewage.”

To Learn More:

To read an article published in the Vancouver Sun newspaper, click on JFK’s nephew joins board of local wastewater treatment firm’s board of directors.

To read the complete story about the UBC research, click on Nutrient Recovery: Creating Value from Waste at Metro Vancouver’s Lulu Island Sewage Treatment Plant.

UBC Hosts International Conference

In May 2009, UBC is hosting and Dr. Mavinic is chairing an International Conference on Nutrient Removal from Wastewater Streams. For more information, click on

This conference will bring together various waste stream industries, regulators, researchers, process engineers and commercial managers, to develop a broad-based, intersectional understanding and joint projects for phosphorus and nitrogen recovery from wastewater streams, as well as reuse.