LIVING WATER SMART IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series informs and educates local governments – “We use the term structured flexibility because we have specific learning outcomes, yet we are highly flexible and adaptable in terms of audience engagement,” stated Kim Stephens, Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia (November 2008)

Courtenay seminar #2 - curriculum

Vancouver Island Pilot Program

Precedent-setting in its scope and approach to building local government capacity, the Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series is designed to help local governments determine how they will achieve this over-arching goal statement in Living Water Smart, BC’s water plan:

  • By 2012, all land and water managers will know what makes a stream healthy, and therefore be able to help land and water users factor in new approaches to securing stream health and the full range of stream benefits (page 43, Living Water Smart)

Learning Outcomes

“The goal of the series is to inform and educate local government practitioners. By spreading the curriculum over three sessions, this enabled participants to take in new information, reflect on it, blend it with their own experience, test it, and eventually apply it in making decisions,” explained Kim Stephens, Program Coordinator for  Water Sustainability Action Plan for Britsh Columbia, and seminar team leader.

Kim stephens (120p)At the third in the 2008 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series, held in November 2008 and hosted by the City of Courtenay, Kim Stephens reinforced the Living Water Smart provincial context for the series; and reviewed the learning outcomes for all three seminars comprising the series.

Stephens directed the attention of the seminar audience to page 43 of Living Water Smart. “The government position stated on page 43 is the lynch-pin of Living Water Smart,” he stated.”The desired outcome is to create liveable communities and protect stream health.”

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Courtenay seminar #3 - convening for action