LIVING WATER SMART IN THE COWICHAN VALLEY: Changing the way British Columbians do business around water in the Cowichan Valley

Cowichan seminar #2 - elephant in the room

Cowichan Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series

At the second in the Cowichan Valley Learning Lunch Seminars in June 2008, Kate Miller used the analogy of the ‘elephant in the living room’ to illustrate why and how the Cowichan Valley Regional District had seized the opportunity to show provincial leadership in co-sponsoring the Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series.

Released in June 2008, the Province’s Living Water Smart intiative provides the over-arching policy framework for  Beyond the Guidebook: The New Business As Usual, explained Kate Miller.

Cowichan seminar #2 - youtube video - kate millerIn elaborating on the message behind use of the image above, Kate Miller told the Learning Lunch audience that “there is an elephant in our room right now…which is around how do we deal with rainwater management…how do we deal with the larger policy issues…what’s the objective.”

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To capture the flavour of the Learning Lunch Series, video clips have been uploaded to YouTube. To watch a video clip of Kate’s explanation of the “elephant in the room”,watch:

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