Convening for Action on Vancouver Island: Towards Water Sustainability


CAVI - presentation at bcwwa annual conference, may 2007

Convening for Action on Vancouver Island (CAVI) is a pilot program at a regional scale. CAVI will integrate with other groups, move ‘green value' from concept to practice, and encourage the introduction of a ‘design with nature' way of thinking into local government decision processes. Further, CAVI will play a leadership role in evolving a framework for water-centric planning that is keyed to accepting risk, rewarding innovation, and learning by doing. The emphasis will be on bringing together local government and the development community to change the way land is developed and water is used on Vancouver Island.

In their  two-part presentation at the 2007 Annual Conference of the BC Water & Waste Assocation (BCWWA), Tim Pringle of the Real Estate Foundation presented some attention-grabbing statistics to make the case for a fundamental shift in thinking so that settlement will be in balance with ecology. Graeme Bethell of the CAVI Leadership Team then described the origins of CAVI and elaborated on how CAVI will achieve its water-centric mission to achieve the vision for settlement in balance with ecology.

To download a copy of the co-presentation by Tim Pringle and Graeme Bethell, please click on this link to Convening for Action on Vancouver Island: Towards Water Sustainability .

CAVI - meeting of the minds genesis, may 2007

The Vancouver Island presentation was one of five cascading presentations that comprised a half-day session on Convening for Action in Brtish Columbia. The session was co-organized by the BCWWA Water Sustainability Committee (WSC) and the Green Infrastructure Partnership (GIP). For a comprehensive story that provides a synopsis of each presentation, please click here.


Posted May 2007