Global Warming’s Threat to BC: Seeking Solutions


In the last in his series of five articles published by The Tyee, an online newspaper, science journalist Chris Wood captures the reality, the irony and the reasons for optimism wrapped up in our conflicting and conflicted responses to climate change.

Writes Wood, “The heat, however, is on. It is becoming harder to ignore the change in the weather. Soon it will be impossible as, in one way or another, events compel even the most somnolent among us to respond.”

Based on what he learned from his interviews of more than 30 experts, Wood offers solutions. He writes: “In our profligacy, however, lie enormous opportunities to make water go further without sacrificing either comfort or wealth. And one stunningly simple key could unlock those opportunities: a little more realism about what water is worth at the tap.”

For more on the series, including links to each story by Chris Wood, please click here. A full-time writer for over twenty-five years, Chris Wood was formerly National Editor, Business Editor, U.S. and later Pacific-rim correspondent for Maclean's magazine.


The Tyee is an independent publication that went online in November 2003. According to David Beers, Editor, “We're dedicated to publishing lively, informative news and views, not dumbed down fluff. We, like the tyee salmon for which we are named, roam free and go where we wish.” Over the past three years, The Tyee has attracted some of the best journalists in B.C. who have broken many important stories.


Posted August 2006