Rough Weather Ahead: How Global Warming Will Hit British Columbia


Award-wiinning science journalist Chris Wood has written a series of articles on how global warming will affect British Columbia and what we can do about it. Commissioned by The Tyee, an alternative online newspaper that is found at, the articles were published weekly in August 2006. Wood won two National Magazine Awards in 2006 and is working on a book about global warning. Titled Dry Spring: When the Water Runs Out, it is scheduled for publication by Raincoast Books in mid-2007.


Global Warming and Water: His series, says Wood, is a sobering wake-up call about the droughts as well as deluges in our future, but he is hopeful people will heed the message. And his series offers some positive responses as well as disturbing news.Titles in the series are listed as follows:

In an overview on the series, Wood is quoted by The Tyee as saying “I'm looking at what's bearing down on us, what it means and the choices we have to make in order to cope with climatee chan ge in order to maintain our lifestyle and the environment on which we depend.” For more on the series, click on this link to Rough Weather Ahead.

Chris woodA full-time writer for over twenty-five years, Chris Wood contributed radio documentaries to CBC and articles to a string of national print publications before joining the staff of Maclean's in 1985. As National Editor, Business Editor, U.S. and later Pacific-rim correspondent, as national technology correspondent and a senior writer, Wood contributed scores of cover and inside stories to the magazine. He also managed numerous special projects. For more information on the career accomplishments of Chris Wood, please click here.


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