BMID optimizes water quality through watershed management

Posted May 2006

The Black Mountain Irrigation District (BMID) provides domestic water to 20,000 people and irrigation water to 4,100 acres of agriculture on the east benchlands of Kelowna. BMID draws from Mission Creek, which is the most significant creek feeding Okanagan Lake. The proper management of this watershed includes an understanding of seasonal factors inherent with the 570 km2 watershed, understanding water quality and quantity with respect to elevation, and managing the release of water from BMID upper elevation storage reservoirs.

A presentation was prepared that sets out some of the factors BMID considers in its management of the watershed, and the techniques presently used as well as those planned for use in the future to optimize the quality of water supplied to the public. To download the presentation click on: 2006 BMID Watershed Presentation.