The Living by Water Project works to protect shorelines

Posted May 2006

Initiated in 1997 by two B.C. residents, Clive Callaway and Sarah Kipp, The Living by Water Project promotes healthier human and wildlife habitat along freshwater and marine shorelines throughout Canada. 

A national partnership initiative with regional coordinators in several centres across the country, The Living by Water Project provides resources to help community groups, local governments, and others protect, restore, and conserve shorelines along all types of water bodies—including rivers, streams, creeks, canals, lakes, ponds, wetlands, reservoirs, estuaries, and marine shorelands.

The Living by Water Project’s support services help both shoreline residents and those who work with them. There are also materials for specific groups (e.g. realtors, school children, Guides, and Scouts). Participants learn how to protect shoreline property, prevent erosion, maintain water quality, and protect fish and wildlife habitat.

In British Columbia, work with local government has led to the development of a Shoreline Stewardship Tool Kit. This provides consolidated resources and tools for local governments to support them in managing shorelines. Featured topics include climate change and shorelines, buffers, and legal case studies.

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