City of Kelowna expands watershed initiatives

Posted February 2006

By Danielle Drieschner, BSc, City of Kelowna Watershed Coordinator

Challenges to maintaining a healthy watershed in an urban environment include a lack of riparian vegetation, manicured lawns and development up to the stream's edge, erosion, livestock access to creeks, storm drain runoff, overuse of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, dumping of debris, compost and yard waste, and an abundance of invasive plant species in the riparian zone.

To address watershed health in the urban environment, the City of Kelowna's Environment Division implemented a Watershed Stewardship Program in 1996. Since then, the program has been expanded to include many innovative projects. 

The Watershed Stewardship Program currently consists of three main components: restoration and enhancement, stewardship, and event and education. To view a PowerPoint presentation about the program click on: Watershed Stewardship Program Presentation.

For more information on the City of Kelowna's Watershed Stewardship Program, contact the Environment Division at 250-469-8983 or email