Fourth annual Oceans Day

Posted January 2006

Courtesy of Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s “StreamTalk”, Fall 2005


Oceans Day is aimed at increasing awareness of our oceans and their vital role in support of life on earth. It’s also an opportunity to teach people about marine life, encourage safe boating practices, and have some fun.

In Campbell River, the fourth annual Oceans Day was held in conjunction with Seafest, a celebration of ocean art and food put on by the Maritime Heritage Society. More than 1,400 people learned about our ocean-going heritage by touring a troller, gillnetter, seiner, and tug. They sampled traditional dishes at food booths manned by the Homalco and Campbell River Bands. Kids (and some adventurous adults) enjoyed the dunk tank and the Big Fish.

In Bella Coola, Oceans Day was celebrated at the government wharf. The most popular attraction was the marine creature touch tank and aquariums. Many Bella Coolans were surprised to see the diverse and rich marine life we have nearby, when all they see at the wharf is the muddy or milky freshwater layer produced by the Necleetsconnay and Bella Coola rivers.

A prehistoric-looking Brown Box Crab was the star of the touch tank.


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