Personal tools for becoming a more successful engineer

Posted January 2006

By Sam Irrinki

Increasingly, attention is being paid to the fact that many people are stretched thin, having to divide their attention among many activities including family, relationships, and of course, work. Not only do individuals have more things to do in general but many people are also finding that in the workplace they are expected to fulfill the traditional demands of their job, as well as many additional tasks. Engineers are no exception to this trend. In this article the author expands on the idea that most of us are not living up to our full potential, and provides suggestions for making the most of our time and our abilities in the face of ever-increasing expectations and demands.

Called “soft skills,” these abilities, when well developed, can increase productivity and motivation, thereby enhancing employee value and improving quality of life. Some of the skills outlined in Personal tools for becoming a more successful engineer (June 2005, AWWA Journal) are goal setting, time management, and prioritization. The author also discusses the importance of each employee being well versed on the vision, mission, and purpose of their employer so that all employees can be working toward a common goal. Through this collective effort all employees enjoy the benefit of working in a more efficient environment, which in turn reduces individual stress and increases personal productivity.

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