Preserving sustainable water supplies for future generations

Posted January 2006

By Pamela P. Kenel and James C. Schlaman

As noted in Preserving sustainable water supplies for future generations, a feature in the July 2005 edition of the AWWA Journal, sustainability of the planet's water resources should always be a consideration when a water supply plan is developed. Demand for water is increasing and new supplies are becoming scarce, creating an increasingly urgent need to view water in an integrated, holistic manner. From this perspective, wastewater issues also become water supply issues.

In this article, the authors present results of their study—undertaken to raise awareness of sustainability issues and their applicability to water suppliers. The article discusses how water utilities should lead efforts to address sustainability issues, and that water suppliers must take an active role in managing water resources. Additionally, the authors discuss why water suppliers must increase their awareness of the scientific as well as practical issues associated with their water supply operations.

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