IIABC Landscape Irrigation Scheduling Calculator

Posted January 2006

The Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia (IIABC) has created an online Landscape Irrigation Scheduling Calculator to help irrigators develop water-efficient irrigation schedules. By entering basic information about climate, landscape types, soil conditions, crop root depth, and irrigation system type and spacing, irrigators can determine the optimum number of days to water, the irrigation run time for each day, and the maximum run time per cycle. 

The IIABC guide, Turf and Landscape Irrigation Scheduling, provides much of the information needed to make informed entries in the calculator. While the calculator can be used without the guide, the guide is useful in providing additional information on the specific parameters that need to be selected to calculate accurate results. It is suggested that the guide be printed prior to using the calculator. The calculator and the guide are accessible on the IIABC website at www.irrigationbc.com.

The IIABC’s next step will be to link the calculator directly with weather station information available from www.Farmwest.com. Plans are also underway to develop a calculator for use by agricultural irrigators.