So, What Does Water-Centric Planning Mean?

Water-centric means that we will plan with a view to water – whether we are planning for a single site or the entire Province.  Water-centric planning considers the amount of water available, the amount of water needed, innovative efficiency strategies, the quality of water leaving the area, how rain and snow water are managed, and the impact on the natural environment.

Water-centric also means that we will integrate missions, mandates and accountabilities of participating agencies; recognizing that “water” is the integrator.

More specifically, a water-centric approach puts water stewardship and sustainability on the agenda of comprehensive land use, development or resource planning initiatives that consider theme-specific interests, legislation, policies and programs and integrates these.

A water-centric approach also identifies the water supply and demand implications of theme-specific and theme-linked strategies.  It applies a water balance lens to the preparation and implementation of plans, policies, and programs.

The purpose of this ‘water-centric website’ is to bring together a spectrum of British Columbia perspectives. The website has resulted from the efforts of a partnership comprising provincial and local government agencies.