Watershed Moments Symposia

    WATERSHED MOMENTS, THE VIDEO TRILOGY: “In 2020, the Watershed Moment team succeeded in our mission to create a broadcast quality legacy resource. We are thrilled that Shaw Cable has televised the trilogy multiple times across Vancouver Island. It is the resource that keeps on giving,” stated Paul Chapman, Chair, Vancouver Island Symposia Series on Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate

    COVID has changed and challenged how everyone does outreach and peer-based education. The Watershed Moments team turned COVID into an opportunity to create a legacy educational resource – the Watershed Moments video trilogy. In 2021, the 3-part series was broadcast twice by Shaw Cable – first in January-February and then again in August-September, reported Jocelyn Matwe, producer with the Shaw Spotlight Nanaimo team. Each time the broadcast cycle was three times.

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