Regional District of Nanaimo

    Parksville 2019 on YouTube > Watershed Health and You – “We engage with volunteers in the Englishman River watershed and other watersheds across our region,” stated Julie Pisani, Regional District of Nanaimo, when she explained the region’s partnership-based water quality monitoring program (April 2019)

    “Through the efforts of stewardship volunteers, the RDN’s Community Watershed Monitoring Network has successfully completed 7+ years of monitoring surface water quality. A recent study has analyzed the data region-wide, modelling land use factors and their connection to water quality results, including for the Englishman River,” explained Julie Pisani. “We have worked very closely with Ministry of Environment staff who helped us to decide what the key parameters are to monitor in order to get a baseline understanding of watershed health.”

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    Parksville 2019 on YouTube > Make Better Land Use Decisions – “In the RDN part of the symposium program, delegates contributed to the visioning of the next decade of Drinking Water and Watershed Protection in the Nanaimo region,” stated Julie Pisani, DWWP Coordinator (April 2019)

    “The engagement session for the RDN’s Drinking Water and Watershed Protection program was a great example of the interactive nature of the Parksville 2019 Symposium event, where participants could share ideas and learn from each other, as well as the speakers. The involvement of the graduate students from Vancouver Island University as table facilitators extended the collaboration across the generations, providing an opportunity for future leaders and planners to be involved in the discussions,” stated Julie Pisani.

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