intergenerational collaboration

    SHORT-TERM GRATIFICATION VS INTER-GENERATIONAL LEGACY: “It really is important for us to be focused on the future. We have mapped out the next 10 years with Action Plan 2.0, but our vision really needs to remain focused on a much longer time horizon. 10 years is not enough. 100 years is what we need to be looking at.” – Randy Alexander, General Manager for Regional and Community Utilities, as quoted in the story of the Regional District of Nanaimo’s Drinking Water and Watershed Protection program, published by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in March 2021

    “Externally, we have been successful at forging, developing and maintaining strong long-term partnerships; and realizing that we are all in this together. Our success depends on our ability to leverage our resources with those of others to achieve common goals, and to understand what those common goals are. The DWWP program has found that its natural role is to bring together diverse groups; and to identify what those common goals are so that we can efficiently pool our resources and focus our joint efforts to achieve results,” stated Randy Alexander.

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