Graeme Bethell

    LEADERSHIP FOR WATER SUSTAINABILITY ON VANCOUVER ISLAND: An Inter-Generational Perspective on Reconnecting People, Fish and the Landscape – Eric Bonham, John Finnie and Graeme Bethell shared a vision in 2005 and were leaders of a grass-roots initiative called Meeting of the Minds

    “In 2005, there were a number of initiatives on Vancouver Island that were focusing upon the theme of sustainability. It was a matter of seeking out partnerships to reinforce the common theme of sustainability based upon an island wide communications information exchange network. We did a survey. It was clear that there was widespread interest in holding a workshop that would provide an opportunity for the exchange of information, and to explore the possibility of establishing a communications network for the Vancouver Island region. This resulted in Meeting of the Minds workshops in consecutive years. The rest is history,” stated Graeme Bethell.

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