Daniel Pauly

    THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC HAS GIVEN US TIME TO PAUSE, REFLECT AND SEIZE THE MOMENT: “The French word ‘prevoyant’ has no English equivalent. It is the power of a prepared mind to act upon chance events in a world of deep uncertainty,” wrote George Hanson, President & CEO, Vancouver Island Economic Alliance

    “Being ‘stuck in the past’ has always been a liability. Now, as the pace of everything accelerates, it is logical to expect disruption. It is prudent to be nimble and responsive. Pulitzer Prize winning historian, David Hackett Fischer wrote that prevoyant is also ‘learning to make sound judgements on the basis of imperfect knowledge; taking a broad view in projects of large purpose; and thinking for the long run’. It has been said that ‘providence favours a prepared mind’. In business, in life, in community, it has always been beneficial to look ahead. ” stated George Hanson.

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    FLASHBACK TO 2015: “I was just so encouraged to see that we in the Comox Valley are not alone and that we now have others who are eager to help. This relationship building is key to accelerating the sharing and learning further, and the Georgia Basin approach to water sustainability,” stated Nancy Gothard, City of Courtenay environmental planner, when she reflected on inter-regional collaboration

    “That so many people earnestly working on this have reached the same point suggests that we are on the tipping point of a breakthrough in collaboration. We will now be eager, I expect, to share just how we permeated these concepts into our own organizations. This is organizational transformation that we are discussing here, not just Water Balance any longer,” stated Nancy Gothard. “I also thought – wow, we are all really supporting each other. Once we know that we can just get to the work of ‘doing the work’. We are now all on the same page.”

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    PARKSVILLE 2019 SYMPOSIUM: “As the online survey showed, this ‘convening for action’ event met or exceeded expectations for 95% of delegates; furthermore, the event was successful because the right players were present, the urgency for meaningful collaboration was recognized, and ‘can do’ success stories were shared,” stated Kim Stephens

    “In embarking on the year-long journey to plan and deliver Parksville 2019, our vision and mission was to demonstrate the power of collaboration between the stewardship sector and local governments, and give folks hope that good things would flow from such collaboration,” stated Kim Stephens. “Hence, our main focus was on showcasing success stories that would be inspirational. At the same time, we had to bring to life the phrase ‘improve where we live through restorative development’. This meant that we had to connect the dots between the two ideas in order to demonstrate that some communities are moving beyond rhetoric.”

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