Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative

IREI: Vision for inter-regional collaboration introduced to Metro Vancouver Regional Planning Advisory Committee in July 2012

“The presentation informed RPAC members regarding the responsibility of individual municipality’s responsibility to mimic the water balance to protect stream health. We learned about inter-regional collaboration opportunities regarding aligned workloads, shared tools and experiences, and leveraged resources. RPAC members supported the initiative,” summarized Susan Haid.

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Inter-Regional Collaboration for Watershed Sustainability: Kim Stephens connects the dots for Metro Vancouver’s Utilities Committee

“A core group of local government champions representing five geographic regions affirmed that it will function as an inter-regional leadership team; and has framed the ultimate outcome of an inter-regional series of working sessions in these terms: ‘Through sharing and learning, ensure that where we are going is indeed the right way’,” stated Kim Stephens.

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Partnership for Water Sustainability aligns efforts with Ministry of Environment to help deliver “Living Water Smart”

“The Ministry looks forward to aligning efforts with the Partnership to further advance implementation of the “Beyond the Guidebook” initiative. Inter-regional collaboration is the pathway to a consistent approach to water sustainability and green infrastructure policies and practices up and down the east coast of Vancouver Island,” stated Cairine MacDonald.

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