Re-Cap and Reflections

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: “Parksville 2019 attracted an audience balanced across sectors; demonstrated the power of collaboration between the stewardship sector and local governments; and created an environment for sharing and cross-fertilizing experiences,” stated John Finnie

“Parksville 2019 demonstrated that a group of 200 biologists, planners, engineers, streamkeepers, politicians, administrators, students and others, all with different backgrounds and responsibilities, can share a common learning experience and agree on strategies for water and land stewardship, and stream restoration. Truly a magical experience. The stage has been set for more and better things to come. Stay tuned,” concluded John Finnie, Chair of the Parksville Symposium Organizing Committee.

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Convening for Action in British Columbia: Do You Wonder About the Outcomes Flowing from the Parksville 2019 Symposium?

“Thank you so much for the immense amount of work you do to protect ecosystem services and teach us all about taking responsibility. The Vancouver Island symposium on water stewardship was so inspiring and informative. It was a wonderful experience. I left Parksville feeling hopeful,” stated Councillor Laura Dupont, City of Port Coquitlam. This article provides a re-cap and a synopsis of the modules comprising the symposium program, and features three “stories behind the stories”.

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COLLABORATE FOR THE COMMON GOOD: “Engagement of community through stewardship is a credible formula to be encouraged and mainstreamed at every opportunity,” stated Eric Bonham when he provided his perspective on citizen science in action in British Columbia

“Collaboration, teamwork and a recognition that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is the energy that stokes creativity and determination. When this combination of citizen talent is aligned with a local government that is both visionary and focused, outstanding achievements are not only possible, but realistic,” stated Eric Bonham. “The core message is the power of thoughtful and constructive collaboration. It is one thing getting together to share ideas. It is quite another when there is a genuine desire to truly listen to each other, and through commitment, reach for the common good and, as a result, change how we do business together. “

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WATER SYMPOSIUM ROCKS PARKSVILLE: “Delegates learned how communities can apply science-based understanding to restore the natural water balance,” wrote Barb Riordan in an article posted on the MVIHES website

“Last year’s symposium, held in Nanaimo, explained how land development using drainage systems that send rainfall straight off the land into creeks and rivers disrupts the natural flow and infiltration patterns of water on our landscape. The consequences of this disruption are more erosion and flooding, very low water levels in summer, and loss of aquatic habitat. The problem will worsen with climate change,” wrote Barb Riordan. “This year, delegates learned about local government initiatives that are ‘getting it right’ and moving along pathways that lead to restorative land development.”

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